A Hummer used by CNN to cover the war in Iraq and then renovated on The Learning Channel netted $1.25 million for charity on Saturday.

Proceeds from the sale of Warrior One, which toured military bases and medical centers nationwide before the auction, will be donated to the Fisher House Foundation. The organization temporarily houses families of patients receiving major medical care in military hospitals and Veterans Affairs facilities.

Dave Liniger, founder of Re/Max International Inc., had the winning bid of $1 million for the Hummer. An additional $250,000 was thrown in by Dave Ressler, a businessman from North Dakota and Montana.

CNN used the Hummer in Iraq in 2003, while a news team was embedded with a Marine Corps unit. That four-man team -- and the Hummer -- came under heavy fire in April of that year, when coalition forces took Baghdad.

In November 2006, the vehicle appeared on TLC's "Overhaulin' " show. Crews replaced the engine, raised the vehicle's body and airbrushed images of CNN correspondents and troops along its exterior. They also added a DVD player, four televisions and a state-of-the-art sound system.

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